Education for underprivileged students is being considered as a biggest challenge for the society, as we are advancing toward the modern technology  with high pace so it’s our duty to help underprivileged children and all needy who don’t have good sources to advance with the common society. So, our organization(prayaascorps)and many other governmental organizations took the initiative and started many  missions to help underprivileged by providing them with the quality education .We have to make our country a better place to live in for the needy and unprivileged children as well and make their and our future better.

To help underprivileged children regarding quality education we need to spread awareness in the society so that we can get as many as volunteers and help government and non-profit and non-governmental organization(prayaascorps) who are constantly working for the development of the society so that every child of our can fulfil their dreams and let their parents and whole country be proud of them.

Initiative/Missions started by our non-profit and non-governmental organization(prayaascorps) are  Shiksha Mission,Library Mission, Science Lab,Gift Milk, Drive for Smile. Due to lack of good sources and income children are not able to fulfil their dreams ,even after getting selected in good college or universities they are not able to get the admission, so we are always there to help them

To provide quality education to underprivileged government started many missions and took many initiatives. Free education system is more and more spread by the Government in various areas of India especially in the rural areas. Poverty is one of the main hindrances for a lot of parents in both city and village to send their children to schools. So the government decided to give proper and quality education to all rural and urban underprivileged children. In many areas more and more students are coming to schools for study.

Government has started various effective schemes to spread awareness about importance  education in more and more students in rural and urban areas. Sarva Siksha Aviyan Scheme is one of the best schemes that was started by government to help underprivileged. In this scheme, government started giving free education to underprivileged students. Mid-Day meal was also a great success as in this scheme government provided the free meal to the students so that parents no need to worry about the food and resources. As students were getting free meal in the school, now they no need to work as child labour and earn their daily bread.

Government also started providing the free uniforms and stationery to the students so that they need not to worry about the resources that they need for their education purposes, government also started providing loans and scholarships for their higher studies.

Siddhant Agarwal

                                (Intern at Prayaas Corps)

I am an Engineering student pursuing (ECE) from Vellore institute of technology ,Vellore


A Non profitable organization that helps underprivileged children in field of education and other basic amenities.



Cleaning up the neighbourhood is the self-explanatory mission which can easily attract people to participate in this mission because everyone wants their surroundings neat and clean as we  know clean places are the sign of good vibes and positive energies. Cleaning  of the society is really a challenging task for India because many people in our country are not aware about the importance of cleanliness, Everyone in our country just points out the other countries see how clean roads and surroundings they have, but I ask you question who all are responsible for the cleanliness of the society and surroundings .Yes of course, we citizens only responsible for all this if our country is not clean then it is our fault not anyone’s else. So, we need to take the initiative to clean our society and neighbourhood and let make this mission successful.

To accomplish cleaning mission or we need a team and volunteers who can help in cleaning their respective areas so that a team can cover a larger part of the society and helps the society by aware  them about the importance of cleanliness of the society.

So, to setup a volunteer  team we need to start planning an event that can aware the people in the society or in your surroundings, we need to pitch about our non-profit non-governmental organization so that people can get to know about our previously accomplished missions so that they can be inspired and get motivated through it. To attract more and more volunteers in the team we can provide them with the certificates after the accomplishment of the task. We can also  do Advertisement/Promotions to make aware the people of the society that we need some volunteers in our team for this particular mission. Publicize the event in society newsletters, Web sites, community bulletin board and local media. Invite the media to do a story on your clean up initiative — this will recognize volunteers. Advertisements and promotions should be self-explanatory about the type of mission and how volunteers will have benefits of working on this mission.

Now, to successfully conduct the event to gather  volunteers in  team for cleaning up the neighbourhood requires some guidelines and planning which includes Designating a coordinator for the event, who will help in registering the interested volunteers for the organization. Have brochures and coupons available on how to dispose of items you cannot accept (hazardous waste, tires, batteries, waste oil, etc.).

After gathering the volunteer’s organization have responsibility to keep the motivated about their works and all ways keep on checking them about the progress of the mission. Be polite and well behaved to the volunteers and also let them know about the benefits of volunteering in the mission that can help in attracting much ore volunteers for the mission


Siddhant Agarwal

                                (Intern at Prayaas Corps)

I am an Engineering student pursuing (ECE) from Vellore institute of technology ,Vellore


A Non profitable organization that helps underprivileged children in field of education and other basic amenities



Child Abuse, a social cause arising in our society due which the future of children and as well as the future of our country is in danger because today’s generation is the future of our country, it depends on us how we are treating them today ,they will treat the world tomorrow in the same manner, which can be hazardous for our society if we do not take any action against this social issue. Now I would like to fling some light upon the issue of child abuse.

First of all, what is child abuse? what does it mean ?, So for your information, if we understand in simple words, it is maltreatment or neglect of child or children by parents, guardians or caregiver. Due to this issue children are not able to grow their mental potential, they usually become depressed and sometimes also this cause the child to do suicidal attempts which is not good for our society. There are many types of child abuse like physical abuse, psychological abuse, sexual abuse and neglect(means responsibility of child being neglected by the caregiver). From the statistics given by W.H.O we came to know that one out of four adults were physically abused as children, approximately 12 percent of the children in our society were sexually abused.

Why child abuse?

Now you must be wondering why this issue is arising in a literate and independent nation, let me tell you it can be because of lack of parenting skills, unable to understand the child mindset, caring for a child with physical disabilities ,poor relation between child and parent, financially weak family and many more such factors which lead to the child abuse in our society.

Now talking about the risk factors of child abuse, risk factors of child abuse include issues related to the family, victim or the society. Younger caregivers who had child abuse are likely to give rise to child maltreatment, they also treat their children in the way they have been treated in their early stages of life. If you are worried about why your child is not performing good in academics, often crying and try to avoid the people or you child is not able to socialize properly ,So just go and give a check upon your child, may or may not be they are being socially abused ,or just try to understand whether you may be hurting your child unknowingly due to which this factor is constantly rising in our society .

To prevent child abuse, there are many types of prevention like primary, secondary and tertiary. Primary type involves spreading the awareness among the professionals who work with the children, Secondary prevention programs work to alleviate the risk factors that make vulnerable children at risk for abuse while the tertiary program help the families in which child abuse has been already occurred.

Siddhant Agarwal

                                (Intern at Prayaas Corps)

I am an Engineering student pursuing (ECE) from Vellore institute of technology ,Vellore


A Non profitable organization that helps underprivileged children in field of education and other basic amenities.

Prayaas Corps

In our society the main factors we came across are food, nutrition, education and many more things that has impact on underprivileged children’s life. Each and every city whether it is big or small, consists of rural areas where we find children are trapped in web of child labour, malnutrition, lack of education and many more. This happens due lack of income and sources provided by their parents .So the underprivileged people who are not able to fed their child with basic  amenities like education, food and medical then prayaascorps is always there to help them .Due to this many children in our society remain uneducated because they are not able to pay the fees and get quality education, that’s why overall literacy rate start decreasing but if we take the initiative “Padhega India tabhi to badhega India”.

Who are we?

To put one step forward for the initiative we started a non-profit organization to help underprivileged children, we care about the future of the society, future of those needy children who want everything in their life but unable to fulfil their dreams due to economic condition. So, we are here to take the initiative to make our society a better place to live in.

 There are initiatives started by prayaascorps, like:

ENVIRONMENTAL INITIATIVES: Vraksh – Plantation Drive,No Polythene Campaign, Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan.

SOCIAL INITIATIVES: Raahat,Leprosy Support,Splash a Smile,Blood Donation,Roshni ki Kiran

EDUCATIONAL INITIATIVES: Shiksha Mission,Library Mission,Science Lab,Gift Milk,Drive for Smile

To successfully accomplish the initiatives taken by prayaascorps 3000 plus volunteers helped and with help of the youth prayaascorps able to accomplish 125 missions successfully till now.

 Now if we talk about some successful missions by prayaascorps:

SHIKSHA MISSION: In shiksha mission prayaascorps provided free and quality education to underprivileged children and help them to show the correct path for their upcoming future.

DRIVE FOR SMILE: As we all know underprivileged children don’t have money and sources so that they can travel in luxury cars and buses, so in this initiative prayaascorps take lids for rides in luxury cars and witness the parks around the city.

PROTSAAHAN: In this initiative prayaascorps created a platform for underprivileged children in which these children get opportunity to showcase their talent.

DR. KALAM LIBRARY MISSION: To promote education and increase the literacy rate prayaascorps started this mission, particularly in this mission prayaascorps volunteer’s distributed books and provided all sort of accessories that can help a underprivilege child in field of education

What we can do?

As the name of organization suggest “prayaas”, prayaas is a Hindi word which means “try” we likely to work on this agenda, we never stop by any failure , prayaascorps always try and try to make every mission possible in any way.

Through the endless motivation in volunteers to make our society a better place to live in, we can start some more initiatives and missions to make the future brighter for the children and as well as for the society.

Siddhant Agarwal

                                (Intern at Prayaas Corps)

I am an Engineering student pursuing from vellore institute of technology ,Vellore


A Non profitable organization that helps underprivileged children in field of education and other basic amenities.




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Today I am going to write about common issue related to technology that rises when some critical issues takes place in the society.

In today’s modern world as we are moving forward in the field of technology, we came across many new technologies every now and then. Everyday we came across many new technologies that has its own pros and cons. So, the journey of one such great technology started from 1 january,1983 called internet. As we all know everything in the life that we use in today’s world has its own pros and cons (advantages and disadvantages). When the technology is invented and tested for the first time some people may find good for their use and some may find pathetic to use.

In modern world internet is the biggest gift given to the society. Since Internet is being widely used in every part of the world and yes this technology really proved to be a golden bird of the cyber community. Today many leading companies working on providing the service of internet called INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDERS(ISP’s). As, I said earlier everything that has advantages also have disadvantages along with it. Now, after the introduction of this golden technology ,I would like to to reflect some light on advantages and disadvantages of internet bans. Internet bans are like blocking or restricting   information access from the server. In 2017 India imposed the highest number of Internet bans in the world as there were total 55 instances of internet ban. In January,2019 Tripura government bans the internet for two days due to protest against the citizenship ammendmend bill. This was the second internet shutdown while first was during the Pulwama attack.

Now if we talk about the pros of internet bans ,So there are many pros like  it limits the criminal activities like phishing of data and many illegal activities that may give rise to terrorism and one of the greatest factor for the society that is safety of children,childrens don’t know what is appropriate for them and what is inappropriate. So, by internet bans children safety is under control and keep them away from unethical activities that may harm theirs’d present and as well as future. By internet ban we can protect our privacy, raise safety standards for highly confidential data. Past year we came across    Shutdown of torrents due to leakage of copyrighted data that might be unethical to leak for free for use and yes Internet bans also helps in protecting the copyrighted data as it restricts the sharing. Hence if we are having advantages of something then we have disadvantages too.

If you ask from today’s generation then they have many disadvantages of internet bans, because nowadays internet is helping them a lot, not only youngsters are benefited but senior’s citizens too. Indian citizen now has become very use to  internet, They can live without water for one hour but if internet gets disconnected then it is the starting of disasters,means they need internet every then and now.disadvantages of internet bans like we may not able to access the information from which we can learn new skills to develop our personality, through internet we can develop many skills, but if internet bans take place then we may fail to access those facilities.

Hence, internet bans usually take place due to some critical issues in the society. For the suppression of cyber violence internet bans are done by the government. But internet is making the life too easy for the people so nowadays Internet proved to be a boon for the society.

By:-Siddhant Agarwal


I am a student of vellore institute of technology,vellore pursuing my btech from electronics and communication.Today I am starting my blog to aware you about latest technologies and yes one of the most popular trend of programming in engineering.